Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sunflower's Birthday

I am knee deep in pictures from our two mini-vacations, behind on my homework for the 2 week on-line photography class I am taking, and I'm supposed to bring snacks to Bible study tomorrow, but I decided to share a few pictures from Sunflower's three birthday parties--yeah, you heard me right--three.  She is 3 so she had three parties.  No, it is much less pretentious than that.
Since we were camping in the mountains with a good portion of Sunflower's relatives, we decided to celebrate with them there.  A few presents, a cake, some candles and voila~instant party.  

Then Monday, on her actual birthday, we decorated cupcakes, sang Happy Birthday, and let her open her present from Captain Awesome.
This is Sunflower holding her hands up to let everyone know she is 3!  (Do you know if you capitalize 3 for emphasis it becomes the # sign?)

She is very happy with her present from Captain Awesome and has worn it around the house ever since.
SnapDragon is almost as excited about the present as Sunflower... possibly more, though he is not allowed to wear it as it is too small for him.

The cupcakes were to take to the park to share with her friends so they also could sing happy birthday to her and so she could blow out candles one last time.
At three, Sunflower is convinced birthdays are about blowing out candles and singing "Happy Cake!" so I believe we celebrated her birthday in style.  And she is very, very proud to be three!  She didn't mind the presents either!  She even shared her new cell phone with me when I wanted to borrow someone's phone to make a call.  Such a sweet baby big girl!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sunflower!!! So close to Mom's b-day...that is neat!

Love the pic's as usual. They are soooo good.