Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So Random

Not much happening here; unless you are interested to know that I finished reading all 11 books of the 39 Clues series.  They are juvenile fiction so they were quick reads, but still quite enjoyable.  One of our favorite children's series.  The kids--quite plausibly and realistically with one airy nanny--travel all over the world learning lots about historical figures like Ben Franklin and Mozart.

Somehow we (my husband and I) have also committed to teach Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University class at our church starting in September.  It looks like some great information that can bring peace and hope to struggling families.  I am worried about what it might challenge us to do~I really don't want to give up my netflix (even if its cost is almost doubling!)

This week and next Huckleberry is attending a day camp at the school he will be going to in September.  He is really enjoying his time building robots and learning Lego Robotic Programming~who knew there was computer languages just for programming Lego Robots?  Well, my husband did, but not me!  Every day it makes him more and more excited about starting school in September, so I'm glad he is going.  He also says he now has "all the paths memorized" that he will need to get around school in the fall.  Whew!  That is a relief!

SnapDragon has decided he wants to learn about photography.  We find he is more content when he spends time in a creative outlet, so it seems like a good idea to teach him.  Today was our first lesson.  He took pictures with our old camera and then we talked about why some of them worked and why some of them didn't.  I remember when we bought our old camera and several people mentioned how much they love it.  A few people loved it as their back-up camera and recommended it "as a camera they can let their children use since they cannot touch their expensive stuff."  We laughed pretty hard because for us this camera was our "expensive stuff!"  6 years really does devalue electronics!

Sunflower is 3.  There is no need to say more.  People talk about the terrible twos, but my kids seem to have the terror threes.  She is three in earnest.


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of that series of books. We will definitely look into them!

Oh..I know..that is sad about Netflix. We decided to downgrade to only streaming, because we still have one Blockbuster left in town, and they have videos for 99 we figured if something wasn't on streaming, we could find it there.

Well...I wish we could take the Dave Ramsey class with you....and I totally wish I could take photography lessons from you! :)

Merrill said...

Haven't heard of that book series. Sounds interesting!

Go glad summer camp is giving Huckleberry a chance to get to know his new school and feel comfortable in his new surroundings. That's great!

And threes?!? I wasn't sure we would survive being three at my house! Two was a breeze and so much fun, but three...OY!!! No one warned me about that! I thought that since we breezed through being two, we were in for smooth sailing. Oh boy, was I ever wrong. The good news is they do eventually grow out of it! :)