Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our Weekend Away -- 4 weeks ago - Sunday Snapshot

So I mentioned that we were going away for my birthday and on my photography blog I talked about my presents, but I never actually did a post on our vacation.  Now that would be fine if this was a serious adoption blog, but it is a serious lack for a family memoir blog.  I cannot seem to feel serious (or think deeply) about anything right now, so a mamarazzi post it is.

After a few hours of swimming, we went to dinner.
It was a fun restaurant where the kids got prizes from the treasure chest and a sundae for dessert.
After dinner we didn't have much time to catch the sunset, but we walked along the river to see the pretty view.
It took awhile for everyone to settle in for the night, but in the morning we met our friends at the science museum.  
The children love the water table where you create your own islands and flood zones.  (It is not our favorite spot since both times we've been there the water has not been good for Sunflower's potty training.)
After our friends left to give their kids naps, we found a whole area we didn't know existed from our first visit.
So much to explore!  Good thing we bought an annual pass and our brother-in-law can host us most trips down.
Then we went out to see our friends' new house and to visit a park with them.  The play toys were in the hot sun (it was like 86 degrees that weekend!) so we went on the shaded nature trail for a walk.
That is after some fun bubble time!
Then dinner and more swimming.  In the morning, more swimming~it is nice to be at a hotel with a pool.  Then while Oak and Huckleberry loaded the car, I tried to get some cute shots of SnapDragon and Sunflower.
Smile, brother!  Smile!  Then a trip to the bookstore and another visit to the science museum to explore that area we had missed.
Eventually Oak took SnapDragon and Sunflower to the young children play area and Huckleberry and I explored together.
He started learning how to write programming for robots in his day camp this summer and will continue as one of his electives in 6th grade in a few weeks.
He traveled to outer space and then I left him in an area so I could take pictures of repeating patterns.
Don't worry.  I was very clear on his boundaries and as it is he never left the water and boat table the whole time I was gone.
Finally we went to find the rest of our family~though there was more to see.
Then the end of our mini-vacation as we headed home.  Traffic was not great, but aside from that it was a fantastic trip.
We already have our next trip South planned, but this time we'll stay with family~seeing family will be an added blessing (aside from saving us lots of money.)


Anonymous said...

Your vacation looked so fun! And I must have missed that birthday present post...I am glad you linked back to it. Those presents were wonderful! :) I hear a tripod is so necessary...but of course, not for me, since I still can't take photos even without one. :) I keep telling my husband we should have got the Nikon instead of the Canon...but really, who am I kidding, I think it's the photographer, not the camera that's the problem!!!

Oh...and I can totally tell the difference between the picture that is on the cloudy setting. I do like the color way better. :)

eah42 said...

Whoa! What a wonderful vacation! What a beautiful family! You were able to capture a lot of really great and quality shots.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Come back again!!

Have a wonderful week.

Annie said...

Great pics!!!! Looks like a wonderful vacation!