Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Rumors Have It

Well, it appears that in China's last batch of referrals they progressed 2 days in the line.  We were #34 in line, now we (and all others with our LID) are #32 in line.  They were doing more like 6 days at time, so the last two 2 day batches are disappointing.  

Yet, if China can be believed, it is because there are so few babies available for adoption--fewer babies separated from their original families due to a desire for a boy, government intervention, or lack of finances/family support.  That is a good thing.  

Our pain at waiting is nothing compared to the pain of a child whose right to be raised in her birth country with her original family has been taken away through no fault of her own.  It doesn't make me cry less, but I do hope it will help me be more compassionate towards her.


Nancy said...

Every time I hear someone say they hope the next list is big, it breaks my heart. I want the list to be small. I don't want there to be lots of orphans. Thank you so much for the wise words.

No Greater Love said...

Such good perspective! :)

Thank you...you do such a good job at bringing God's truth into every difficult situation.