Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I need to vent a little (adoption agency related).  Today I got home from a pleasant day with my friend (it could have been better if we didn't have 7 kids between us, but...) to have my husband say, "Let's go sit in the other room."  Now this is not an unusual request but it sounded more serious than usual.

Anyway, the short of it is that the head office of our agency decided that I (not Oak, just I) have to have a psych evaluation in order for them to sign off on my homestudy.

Argh!  That will delay our paperwork being done for 4-6 weeks, possibly longer.  And...

What if I don't pass?

Crazy people never think they are crazy.  My husband thinks it is impossible that I won't pass, so that is reassuring, but...

So, I'll probably pass.  But it is annoying, time consuming, and let us not talk about the additional cost.  

Most frustrating is that they decided this not because of knowing me or seeing anything to concern them but because of my childhood history.  History that is long gone and passed, but more importantly history that I shared with them 5 years ago.  Yes, it is a new requirement (in the last year) but if they were going to force an eval regardless of her interviews with us, our SW should have been told that "these check points" will force an eval.  That would have meant, at minimum, that when we gave her our self study guide 3 months ago she could have told us to start the psych evaluation process.

Her response to this frustration?  These little glitches become bigger problems when you cut too close to the wire.

So tomorrow, I guess I'll be calling psychologists.  My agency, as of yet, didn't know of anyone that does the test in our area, but I did call my teacher for my Biblical counseling course and she gave me a name to call.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Cedar...I am soooo sorry. :( Honestly, I think this whole process is excruciating. So...emotional, so frustrating... All I can say, is it does cause one to dive deep into the Lord. The Psalms are helpful because they talk so much about the trust in the Lord, despite the horrible things that man can do to one another. I have just been writing out all the Lord's attributes I find in the Psalms...like He is faithful to His Word, He is kind in all his acts, He is abundant in power and his wisdom is immeasurable...He is rich in love....and the list goes on and on and on.

I will be praying, friend. Especially for His comfort and peace. Oak is right...you will pass... You are obviously a WONDERFUL mom...and whatever the past is, we are NEW creations in Christ. My goodness, Saul/Paul is our perfect example of that. :)

May you FEEL the Lord's blessing and peace upon you today!

Julie said...

That's a big bummer. I absolutely hate it when I feel like I'm doing everything I can to make something go smoothly only to have someone/thing mess it all up. Drat! I'm sure everything will be fine. If it would help I could tell them you're not crazy. (I signed in just so I could post this.)