Friday, August 19, 2011

Nothing ~ Literally

At the beginning of the week, I had 5 funny things my kids had said to share.  Now I have, ummm, 1.  I just don't remember the others. That one funny thing isn't really a main event; it isn't even a good opening act.  But by the time I accumulate 4 more funny things to add to it, I will have lost the original one.  My kids have just not been in a funny mood lately, more a screaming and emotional kind of mood.  I know it is wrong, but I am looking forward to school starting.  School makes my children happy.

So anyway, the other day I was talking to Oak and I said "I am very literal*" (which is completely true.)

Sunflower piped up, "You not little girl~you big girl, no big mama.  You a big mama!"

Now you know why I don't turn my camera on myself more often.  Time to find a way to get to the Y more often.

*In case you don't understand, Sunflower thought I said little girl when I said literal~because that is exactly how she pronounces little girl.


Anonymous said...

Funny! :) I love what children say. I so wish I was one of those mom's who wrote down all the cute things my children said and did, because I just forget them so fast.

Guess what? There are Y's in Colorado.

Actually, that might not be true...I can't say I have ever seen one.

But we have mountains to take walks on. :)

Am I a good salesperson???? I'll stop selling you on CO now...I just couldn't resist one last time. :O)

Merrill said...

Oh my goodness. The things our children say...but we love them anyway! As we get back into the school routine, I am vowing to darken the doors of the Y once again. Not just to the pool with my girl, but to the actual workout part!

We're out of sorts here too. Looking forward to school starting this week just of the sake of being back in our "normal" routine!