Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Zoo--Sunday Snapshot

Friday we went to the zoo with a friend.  It was a little spontaneous for me; she only mentioned the idea Thursday afternoon.  But it is summer and I do love the zoo, especially with our annual pass and my zoom lens (what is the best zoo in Colorado?).  So here is only a portion of the pictures I took.  Thanks, friend, for corralling the kids when I fell behind.  The zoo has some beautiful flowers.
Watching the Sea Otters
AntEater ~ 16 inch long tongue

Huckleberry; we have GOT to go school shopping!
Road Runner?  Maybe...

Arctic Foxes aren't as pretty with their brown summer coats

SnapDragon ~ Running down the hill; almost right into me.
Puffin ~ Not a penguin ~ they don't look that alike to me.
Ready to Go Home

Sunday Snapshot



Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...I LOVE these pictures. And I love the zoo. The Denver Zoo is pretty great...and we try to go at least once a year. (They have a few free days a year) But the one in Colorado Springs is so neat, because you can feed the giraffes.

Mike and I's first date ever, was the San Diego Zoo. :)

P.S. Triscuits are my favorite crackers EVER.

Anonymous said...

oh that should be Mike and my....bad grammar on my part.

Nancy said...

wonderful pics! LOVE the spider web on the flower!

Cora said...

What a wonderful day! you got some GREAT shots! It helps to have adorable subjects!

Jaymi said...

these are all beautiful, I can't pic a fave!

Anonymous said...

You've got some awesome flora and fauna shots!

elizabeth said...

I couldn't get the comments to open on your other blog, so I'm commenting here. Your edit was so soft and sweet on the photo of your baby. Loved it! Your photos are amazing!

Gillian said...

Beautiful photos! Love the lighting in the flower ones, so pretty!

Melanie said...

Wow! Just simply GORGEOUS shots!