Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Know What I Did Last Weekend

I spent last weekend at a women's retreat with some wonderful women.  The weather was fantastic, the music was great, and the food was good.  
We had lots of free time and some truly awesome fellowship.  I came home refreshed and energized.  Okay, and a little bit sleepy and behind.  I am finally a little caught up (and ignoring some vacuuming and laundry) so I thought I'd share some of the pictures I took.
The location was beautiful with lots of birds to see.  A group of us went on a walk to see if we could reach the water.
It looked like a long walk, but so gorgeous.
I lost track of some of my friends while taking pictures of these purple weeds.  Apparently they waited for a while but I got confused at an earlier fork in the trail (in retrospect it wasn't a real fork--one kept going and one went back to the grounds).  It gave me lots of time to pray and take even more photos.
This moth landed while I was thanking God for the beauty of His creation.
 How do I let myself forget God's power?
or His love for color?
or His creative variety?

Another friend came to where I was waiting and we continued down the path to find the others.  We didn't find them, but we did make it down to the water.
It was well worth the least the down part.
So beautiful. 
We ran into many bird watchers on the paths.  My other friends saw some Eagles on the walk they took.
Eventually we went back.  Overall a wonderful weekend of faith, fun, and fellowship.  I cannot wait for next year!

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Ni Hao Yall
After reading the other Sunday Snapshots I feel a little bad not honoring one of my mothers in my post--even though they are all gone now.  I'd be happy for you to meet them from my past posts.  My Mom, My Step-Mom, and My Mother-in-Law


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Monica said...

Gorgeous photos! Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

urban muser said...

beautiful shots! sounds like the retreat was good.

Serline said...

I know what He did, showering you with such beautiful things all around you ;-)