Thursday, May 19, 2011


I love my baby girl.  She is sweet, smart, sometimes cuddly, and funny, so funny.

"Catch it to me!" she says when she wants you to throw the ball to her.  She will even show you how you should hold your hands when it is her turn to "catch it to you!"

"That's Awesome!"

"Sunflower really loud!" when Daddy told her at swim lessons to say her name really loud for the other kids.


"Guys!" when talking to or about her brothers.

"I love Captain Awesome.........and Mommy...and Daddy Guys!" when asked who she loves.  I'm amazed at her persistence in putting Captain Awesome first since we haven't seen him for over a month and won't see him again for many more months if not years.

"Yeah!" accompanied by clapping hands and a happy dance for anything even remotely exciting.

"It's okay," when someone is upset or something falls, etc.  Sometimes it isn't as okay as she says it is.

"I getting hungry," when she sees something she wants to eat (this is more annoying than funny but something I want to remember.)

"You so funny!" 

I may not ever be a stand up comedian but my daughter might have that option--remember she is only two (and a half, Mama!).  It is all in the grooming.  Some raise their children to be doctors; me, I want a comedian (a clean, family friendly one).