Saturday, May 28, 2011

Getting a Little Excited

This is a post about math.  Math and adoption.  Things can always change, but the math is starting to look good.

It appears fairly definite (though not completely confirmed) that China sent out referrals for families that have Log In Dates of June 21-30th.  10 Days!  

This puts our LID of 8/15/2006 only 46 days from referral.  Even if they go back to the more usual pace of 5 days a month we are only 9 months away from a referral (46/5=9.2).  Yeah, yeah, I am properly saddened that those babies need homes in the first place, but I cannot help be a little happy that we might someday actually get a referral!

On the flip side, if they do a few more 10 day batches we could be only 5 months from referral (46/10=4.6).  Ummmm, that is a problem because in a desire to not have our paperwork expire we haven't actually renewed anything yet and some of it takes a bit of time.

So I am little excited AND a bit panicked!  This is not a bad place to be.


Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Praying you get the referral soon. XO!

elizabeth said...

Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog. Your blog is lovely. I look forward to seeing your new little one!

Crunchy Diva said...

that is so exciting for you that you can at least see a time line when your referral will come up. it is sad that these babies need homes to being with, but they are blessed to have families like yours to go to. i hope the process is a speedy one for you & your family.