Monday, May 9, 2011

Hamlet and the Village People--Monday Rewind

Just so you don't get the impression that my life is all about me and Sunflower, last week was pretty busy for the boys, too.  Each of them had a performance at school, SnapDragon finished his AWANA book (just in time), and Huckleberry was gone Wednesday morning to Friday afternoon for 5th grade camp.  I am glad they didn't make us go camping when I was in 5th grade.  He came home filthy and wet but beaming with happiness.   I do have some pictures from their plays to show you so linking up with Monday Rewind.
On Monday, Huckleberry preformed a 5th grade version of Hamlet 4 times to all the other classes at school.  Large portions of the plot were narrated to make it shorter and easy to understand and some of the plot was changed a little, but all of their actual lines came straight from Shakespeare's Hamlet.  Huckleberry was cast as King Claudius.  
He was originally disappointed he wasn't Hamlet until he realized he had one more line than his friend.  Here he is hiding behind the tapestry.
We missed the end because Sunflower had to use the restroom, but I have it on good authority that the climax was quite exciting.
Then on Friday evening, after we picked Huckleberry up from camp, SnapDragon had his 1st grade play.  6 classes (1st and 2nd) said some lines about taking care of the environment and sang 7 songs.  Sweet and short.
This was the wave at all the parents moment to get all the flashes out of the way.  SnapDragon originally had a speaking part, but he switched so he could be a dancer.
He had a lot of fun!

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Julie said...

That one of Huck alone is awesome! It does look like Snap had great fun!