Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chalk, Pirates, and PinWheels--Sunday Snapshot

On my photography blog I participate in a weekly shoot and edit challenge.  There is a contest for the best straight out of the camera shot.  These week's theme is sidewalk chalk so I went outside in the quest to take the best picture of chalk that I could.  

It started in the morning with Sunflower.  However, she wanted to take the chalk in to wash it because it had dirt on it, wanted her hands washed, and squatted in a most unladylike way (some cute photos, but NOT blog appropriate).  
Very shortly we ended up picking up the chalk and playing in the backyard instead.

Then in the afternoon, when the boys were home, we tried again.
SnapDragon decided to draw flowers for me, but that didn't sit so well with Huckleberry.
He decided to pout sit down in sadness if brother wasn't willing to draw boats with him.  Sunflower didn't care.  
She was more interested in organizing the chalk than drawing anything.  However, SnapDragon quickly gave into his brother's emotional blackmail changed his plans and started creating his boat. Then everyone was busy.
Huckleberry's boat was completed first so he started searching the area for enemies.
 Soon another pirate attacked leading to a long and lengthy battle.
Huckleberry was eventually overcome by SnapDragon which required the building of an underground brigade.
He did say brigade, but I think maybe he meant brig.  The ability to build a brig underground is the wonderful magic of chalk.
Eventually Sunflower brought all of her pieces of chalk over for her brother to pick up and we all went inside for dinner.

We had a great time outside playing (so grateful for this week's sun) but I never got the perfect straight out of the camera shot I wanted.  I might enter a pinwheel shot instead.
Pinwheels are identical to sidewalk chalk, right?

Ni Hao Yall



Stefanie said...

Looks like y'all had a great time with the sidewalk chalk... there are quite a few adorable shots in there :)
P.S. We are so happy to finally see the sun around here as well!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

that last photo of your girl is absolutely stunning!


Kristy said...

looks like a fun day in the sun!

Merrill said...

Fun times! And who needs to pick up the chalk when your big brother will do it for you?!? ;)

Love the pinwheel picture!

More Kids 4 Me said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos!