Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just to Clarify

Reading through my past posts I realize my blog may give the impression that:

a. I am emotionally unstable and
b.  My children are the most intellectual, spiritual, perfect, and gorgeous children in the world

I thought I would explain why that may appear to be the case:

1. Because it is true.  I feel like I'm fairly even keel typically but adoption, spiritual conviction, two family deaths, and growing in compassion has brought me to weeping more often in the last six months than all of the years of my life.  And my kids--well, they are perfect.

2.  While in reality my children may not appear perfect to people who are not their parents, I don't like to share too many of their less than perfect moments on the blog because they would be embarrassed.

3.  The times I am able to sit down to blog almost always coincide with when I am feeling most fond of my children.  In other words, I can blog when my children are doing what I asked, sleeping, or playing quietly together, thus making it more likely I'll say nice things about them.

4.  As much as I want to be authentic and real on my blog because it is something I strive to do everyday in real life (often getting me in trouble), I am a little afraid to admit my parenting failures and childrens' faults in writing before we complete our adoption.  

However, in the interest of proving we are a "real" family and not a "made-up" internet family, in the last half hour we've:

gotten a phone call from school about a fundraiser we knew nothing about

had two of our three kids in tears, 3 separate times, make that 4--each

put one child in time-in for throwing a hard toy at brother

sent one child to his room to calm down after losing at his DS game

gotten kicked in the face by a two year old who laughed at our pain

had one--make that two--kids whine and pout when Daddy started a Blue's Clues at the end

I could keep going, but this really is NOT a good time to be on my blog.

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