Friday, February 4, 2011

100th Post

Our Little Tongginator (and apparently other blogs) listed 100 things for their 100th post.  I thought I would do the same.  Let's start with that:
1.  I want to be Tonggu Mama when I grow up;
2.  I'm two years older so that will be difficult.
3.  I really, really dislike animals;
4.  Even dogs.
5.  I took 7 years of piano lessons.
6.  I love playing piano but...
7.  I cannot retain a proper tempo.
8.  I find typing relaxing.
9.  The book I read over and over is "The Blue Sword" by Robin McKinley.
10.  I have read the Bible, but some parts not as frequently as "The Blue Sword."
11.  I do not have a cell phone which means
12.  I have never sent a text message.
13.  I spent a month in Japan
14.  as an exchange student
15.  with my cousin's high school
16.  when I was 12.
17.  My favorite food is pizza and
18.  peanut m&m's.
19.  I am addicted to coke--the beverage.
20.  I was an English major in college but
21.  love math
22.  which is why I know I'm two years older than Tonggu Mama
23.  not because I am a stalker mama at all and
24.  love numbers
25.  which is why I hate my first post of every month because
26.  it means my lovely growing number of posts goes back down to one and
27.  love patterns
28.  which makes me wonder if FDB had the same number of posts for 2009 and 2010 on purpose.
29.  My secret career dream is to be a stand-up comedian but
30.  I say ummm too often and
31.  what I think is funny often differs from what others think is funny.
32.  I went to school on Senior Skip Day because
33.  I had skipped an assembly once and 
34.  I was such a kill joy my friends didn't want me to skip school again.
35.  I love school.
36.  I used to say I wanted to be a professional student when I grew up but
37.   that is because I went to public school and didn't realize you had to pay for schooling after 12th grade.
38.  In 7th grade I begged to be sent to private school so I could wear a uniform and fit in.
39.  My favorite color is burgundy.
40.  Burgundy is the first color Huckleberry learned.
41.  My sister and her family just moved into their first home which
42.  was built for them by Habitat for Humanity
43.  in Minnesota.
44.  She is very thankful for the great insulation on her new home.
45.  We just watched Despicable Me for the first time.
46.  I don't know what I think about it.
47.  It made me cry and
48.  I'm a little tired of crying.
49.  The boys thought it was great.
50.  I got kicked out of ballet when I was 7 for not knowing how to skip.
51.  Okay, that was a lie.
52.  My ballet teacher was very mean and I wanted to quit because she made me feel bad about not knowing how to skip.
53.  My mom told me I could quit ballet once I learned how to skip.
54.  I learned how to skip that week and 
55.  sometimes still get around by skipping--you go so much faster.
56.  I showed my teacher I could skip and quit.
57.  My mom probably did not get a refund which would have annoyed her.

My favorite TV shows from the past that I'll watch again are:
58.  Scarecrow and Mrs. King
59.  Boy Meets World
60.  Friends  
61.  Monk

My current favorite TV shows are:
62.  Psych
63.  Lie to Me
64.  Chuck (because it is based on my life story--really!)
65.  NCIS
66.  Bones

67.  It is really hard for me to come up with 100 even partially interesting facts about myself and
68.  I'm still not done.
69.  I have read the entire Chronicles of Narnia series a minimum of 10 times.
70.  The first one I read was "The Horse and His Boy" because I was looking for books about horses when I was 7.
71.  "The Magician's Nephew" is my favorite.
72.  My real name is Nora.
73.  I figure if you have read this far you deserve to know it.
74.  My children's names are--just kidding, but I am getting desperate.
75.  I plan to eat left over Chinese food for lunch
76.  once I put Sunflower down for nap.
77.  My favorite book of the Bible is Philippians. 
78.  When I feel overwhelmed I say I'm moving to Texas.
79.  It has been Texas since at least high school.
80.  High school was a long, long time ago.
81.  I dreamed about my 20th high school reunion last night.
82.  It was this last October and
83.  I didn't go though I could have gone.
84.  Maybe I regret that.
85.  I love furniture.
86.  I laughed when my sister tripped once.
87.  She was 11 and I was 13.
88.  It was quite funny because her salad flew in the air all together and landed together.
89.  Truly it was a great demonstration of the laws of motion but
90.  I feel bad for laughing--now.
91.  I was in girl scouts from 1st grade until I graduated high school.
92.  I learned to use a compass, build a fire, and canoe in girl scouts.
93.  I am afraid of heights though I am getting better.
94.  On the other hand, I love flying.
95.  I have never felt more boring than at this moment.

My family's favorite games are:
96.  Settlers of Catan
97.  Dominion and 
98.  Blockus
99.  Only one more left.
100.  Did I mention that I love math?



Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Thank you, so much for your comment on my BLOG.

And, this post is such a great way to get to know a new friend a little!


a Tonggu Momma said...

Heh. You make me blush. And LAUGH. Oh, and Philippians? "Every time I close my eyes I thank my God for you." Favorite verse in the Bible.

Julie said...

#1 I've been meaning to call you every day since Monday.
#2 Your #88 and 89 made me laugh out loud. Hard even.
#3 I was so intent on reading your list that I didn't know Gideon had gotten down from the table and was standing at my knee with his hands and face COVERED with chocolate soy pudding until I was done reading.
#4 I put "soy" in #3 just so you would know that, no, we're not experimenting with Gideon and dairy. Not like that anyway. And it wasn't a typo and I hadn't gone crazy(craziER anyway).
#5 There is no #5 but it felt weird to stop at 4.

Truly Blessed said...

What a fun list. I did my "100" list in honor of my 45th birthday (sadly, several years ago now!).

Truly Blessed said...

Hey, based on your recommendation of "The Blue Sword" (#s 9 and 10), I just downloaded it for my Kindle. And when I read the description of it, I wanted to recommend a book that I read last year (which I really, really enjoyed) that seems similar, "Under Heaven" by Guy Gavriel Kay

If you read it, please tell me what you think!

Peter and Abby said...

That was funny, I think you are a sit at your computer comedian, although, I have seen your stand up act and it's also funny!

Anonymous said...


So after you wrote that about the 100 post, I had to find it. :) Good thing that even though I'm not great at math, I still was good enough to figure out what month your 100th post would be in. :)

1)I don't have a cell phone either.
2) I LOVE to type. I transcribe our church's sermons...that is how much I LOVE typing.
3)I am addicted to diet coke.
4) I majored in liberal studies, but my emphasis was language and composition. I too loved school, but I get consumed by it's not good for me.
5) The blog I stalk is yours. :)
6) I think you are super funny...I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I too find things humorous, that others don't always find as funny! :) think it is because you are genuinely funny...
7) My run-away place is Hawaii...although Texas would be 2nd best. Sometimes I think I as supposed to be southern. Sometimes.

The only one that we are complete polar opposites on is animals. I love animals. Especially dogs!