Sunday, February 20, 2011

Who Said Being a Parent Was Easy?

Today at lunch SnapDragon said, "Did you know George Washington owned slaves?"

"Yes," said Huckleberry.

"But he treated them well.  More like servants than slaves."

"I'm not sure.  He probably didn't know all of his slaves and didn't have control over how some of them were treated," I said.

"I know he treated them well.  I read it in a book."

"Okay...but remember it doesn't matter how nice you treat them, it still isn't right to own people," I answered. 

There followed a brief conversation from Oak about length of ownership, slaves being freed in the Bible at certain set periods of time, indentured servants, and that we don't own even our children.

"Then I don't think we should adopt!" declared SnapDragon.


"Well, we are buying a child and that means we would own it and that's wrong."

That was quickly followed by a discussion about fees and travel expenses but not buying a child, but he had lost interest.

Goodness!  You never know which direction a conversation will go.  Here I thought it was race related, but turns out it was an adoption issue.  Too bad I picked up "Can We Talk about Race?" By Beverly Tatum today at the library and not "Can We Talk about Adoption?"

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Nancy said...

how coincidental, I just posted and the second line is-Parenting is hard.
Isn't it amazing how their little heads are constantly thinking!