Monday, February 14, 2011

Dominion--The Alpha and Omega (or Beginning and End)

We had a long and full weekend, and I debated not blogging about it because I don't have pictures and really who wants to know what we did last weekend.  Then I realized this is my blog and I can do what I want.  Plus our activities are not any more or less boring than my opinions--in fact for the few family members swinging by our activities are more interesting.

Friday was playing Dominion at a friend's house--totally fun because I wasn't the one taking care of her sick kids while her husband is out of town.  I'm really not a very good friend.  I even won most of the games.

Saturday morning was toddler gymnastics for Sunflower with Daddy, swim and snorkeling for the boys, and elliptical and bike for me--all at the Y.  Then drive by two houses for sale which we will not be buying.  

Around noon we arrived at the 13th Annual Asia Pacific New Year put on by the Asia Pacific Cultural Center.  We didn't know what to expect, but we wanted to go.  There was a stage with different performances throughout the day.  The ones we were able to see where from Thailand because this year's focus was Thailand.  There were booths sponsored by different groups.  There was food, crafts, and clothes from a variety of Asian countries.  We bought food from 5 different places trying a variety of things--all of which were very tasty though recalling the name of some of them is difficult.  The boys really enjoyed their Samoan pancakes and I loved my potsticker from the Chinese Christian Church booth.
The children made lanterns at the Korean Buddhist Temple booth.  Sunflower started one with the help of the lady running the table.  The lady would put the glue on and stick the paper next to the glue and then tell Sunflower, "Push it, baby."  After awhile Sunflower got bored and Huckleberry finished it.  They were out of the colored paper at our table, so their lanterns didn't look quite as amazing as some of the other ones we saw, but it was a cool project and the kids had fun.

Overall we had a good time though it was a little crowded and we had to leave before the Chinese Language School kids did their dance.  I did see the children in their outfits and with their parents, several of which were Caucasian.  The school teaches Mandarin, art, and dance for all ages.  It is probably where we will go with our children someday.  It made me a little sad we aren't there yet.  We might have Huckleberry and I take some classes there this summer or next fall.  SnapDragon said he'd like to learn the dance but he didn't want to learn Mandarin yet though he is probably the one that would find it easiest to learn.

Then we met my dad at my grandma's new assisted living apartment.  It is a nice place and she seems content.  Really making it until 91 in her own place was an amazing achievement and mostly do to my aunt's hard work.  Then Dad took us out to Red Robin for dinner, and I had the Teriyaki Chicken Burger.  I thought about ordering something different but decided I had expanded my openness to different food enough for one day.

Sunday was another nice day--church, talking to friends, a quiet afternoon at home with the boys actually cooperating with the cleaning and Sunflower sleeping.  In the evening we went to the first in a six week small group series for church.  The kids went to childcare at the church while the adults met at a house.  A lot of people were there, so a little overwhelming, but a challenging video and open discussion, plus nice people many of them I do know.  I am looking forward to the rest of the sessions.  

The weekend ended with 2 games of Dominion--the board game!--with my husband in which I crushed him and a little T.V.  Here's to more nice weekends--though I promise not to blog about each one.

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Nancy said...

Do I need to look into this game, Donimion? What ages can play?