Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ni Hao Y'all Contest

So after entering a contest by posting about the WAGI (We Are Grafted In) Forum, I found out that many others that entered just put the link as a post and were done, while I wrote a long explanation.  I cannot help but think that they were cheating a little.  However, I now want to enter another contest, and by posting once I will be entered once into 30 different drawings at Ni Hao Y'all.  The problem is, I don't have anything interesting to say.  

I could say thank you to Ni Hao Y'all because I did the Sunday Snapshot for the first time this last Sunday and linked my Orphan Sunday post to her which so far has given me 44 hits on my page.  I will admit that does make me a happy since a more typical 2 days has about 10 hits--most of them my husband trying to run up my statistics to make me smile; a few good friends do this for me, also.

I could say this family fascinates me since they are in the process of adopting their sixth child from China and have a real heart for orphans, adoption education, and supporting families adopting.  They are also military and moving soon.  Makes me cross my fingers that their next assignment is Fort Lewis though the odds of a mom of 10 becoming my new second best friend is slim.

Or I could just post the link that I'm supposed to use and call it good.
Ni Hao Y'all
I think that is what I'll do.  Much easier than thinking of clever things to say.  Oh!  And the point of this 30 days of giveaways is to highlight different families that are selling products in order to raise money for adoptions--either theirs or others.  So you might want to check out the giveaways to get some Christmas gifts and support adopting families at the same time.



Anonymous said...

This comment is not related to your post - sorry!! But I just wanted to say "hello" from The Walker Family! (We just joined you as Rescued Via Grace at We Are Grafted In.) Thanks for your kind words! I wanted to stop by and check your blog out! I love what I have read so far and will be stopping by often!
My husband and I are especially looking at what you are all doing for fundraising! Any tips to get us started (on how/when)? The subject is overwhelming us and everyone seems to have SO much happening all at once!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your http://www.nihaoyall.com/ contest!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I read every day, although I read via Google Reader, so I am more likely to show up as a feed subscriber than an actual hit. *grin*