Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Time for Some Cuteness!

Okay, it is true I take way more pictures of Sunflower than the other two.  I blame the public school system.  If I home-schooled the boys would be around when I'm in a picture taking mood.  However...

Here is Halloween...
The heavy tool is being carried by Huckleberry the Explorer NOT two year old Elmo!
Jumping on the bed WITHOUT me in it--so much less painful for me!
No.  There is no writing on Sunflower's doll.  She would never do something like that!
So much cuteness!
Okay, this is my first attempt at putting video on my blog.  It might be a little grainy, but it makes me laugh and laugh.  Thank you, SnapDragon for shooting it!
It seems like this might not work, so I'm giving you some SnapDragon cuteness.
It looks like they both work.  I would like to make clear that the song SnapDragon is singing is made up entirely by him and does not represent the views of our family or our church.

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