Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some Things Just Make Everything Better!

First, thank you for your prayers and comments.  I really feel a lot better than I did when I posted yesterday.  In fact, in some ways I felt a lot better almost immediately after posting.  Apparently getting it all out and focusing back on Christ really is a magic formula.   However, knowing other people care also helps.  And for the person who said, "you know you are crazy, right?" I still love you.  It really just made me laugh. Though the follow up reminder that "God gave us a child against unusual odds already why wouldn't He be able to find us our next child" was more encouraging.

Second, remembering the past can help.  For the last few months, ever since I started my Biblical Counseling class, Mondays have been truly the worse day of the week, some of them even worse than yesterday.  I am not one to place the blame for all my problems in life on Satanic attack, but I do believe there are Spiritual battles going on so... However, some times it's just a matter of perspective.  Last year at this time with two ill grandmas and all the complications that went with it, I was having one GOOD day a week.  Makes one BAD day a week seem almost easy.  This doesn't mean all my fears and questions have gone a way, just that today I know we will get to the other side of this journey someday with Christ who gives me strength.

Third, I was already feeling better, but today's MOPS put a smile on my better.  Really, the ladies in my group are truly amazing women who love me, God, and the other moms.  The leadership team's competence and initiative leave me the freedom to focus on the moms we are serving, and I LOVE it.  But also, I see each one of them reaching out in compassion and true love for our moms.  I might be good at details and organizing, but I LOVE seeing my leaders (yes, I do think of them as mine) surpassing me greatly in their true connections with the other moms, initiating prayer and care in manners I never imagined.  They inspire me, and I love them.  Of course the meeting itself was fun, too--I love being MC even if I am a goof at it; lots of fun books to give away; great speaker on training our children; good table discussion; very pretty thankful tree craft (which I did not make because I never make crafts, but my craft queen loves me anyway); and the conclusion of our Operation Christmas Child Shoebox collection.

Have you heard of Operation Christmas Child?  It is put on by Samaritan's Purse one of the many worthy organizations that are the hands of Jesus to many of the poor around the world.  For Operation Christmas Child you fill a shoebox with little things that a girl/boy between the ages of 2-14 would like--some practical, some fun.  Then the week of Nov. 15-22 you take them to a drop off location near you and they deliver them to poor children all around the world.  We love putting together shoe boxes from each of our children to another child.  This year we did five for the first time since maybe we WILL adopt 2.  Our group, 33 today, brought in 74 boxes total.  I am thrilled with their generosity.  If you are interested, there is still time to participate.  Or you can start buying little things all year round to put in a shoe box next year.

Playing games and good food with my family and our friend last night and tonight is only the cherry chocolate on top (I don't like cherries.)  

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