Friday, January 6, 2012

Back in the Swing

I feel like I'm finally settling into life after vacation again.  I even had a productive morning.  I took a picture of the laundry for Scavenger Hunt Sunday and started folding it.  The dishwasher and the washing machine are running.  The kitchen is torn apart for a deep clean and everything that has crept under the couch this last week is put away.

It is handy to have Huckleberry have a late start on Fridays so he can do so much work.

I also hunted down the last address for Christmas cards and only have one package left to mail.  (My sister's, but I still have 4 days to beat last year's mailing; Captain Awesome's went out this morning...only one week after we wrapped it.) 

I even took SnapDragon his lunch at school...he'd left it at home.  This makes up for the fact that I didn't pick him up from school on Wednesday until the school called me.  In my defense, Wednesday early dismissals that only happen on some Wednesdays is really annoying.

It probably doesn't make up for the fact that I forgot to take Huckleberry to school on Monday at all...SnapDragon and Oak had the day off; I just assumed Huckleberry did, too.  

My friend said, "the word is cal...en...dar."

Yep, I looked.  It is in my calendar exactly right (as is SnapDragon's early dismissal).  I thought I'd double checked, but I must have looked up SnapDragon's info twice. 

Anyway, I'm hoping the rest of this afternoon can be as productive as the morning.  It probably can be since I finished my DS game.  But first I want to play with some Christmas light bokeh before denuding the tree.  We like to get the most out of our tree, but we need the space back for SnapDragon's birthday party on Sunday.


No Greater Love said...

Oh my...that is funny, Cedar. Maybe you should homeschool, you could call cleaning "home-economics", and I don't know what DS games are, but could you call it "P.E."? Then you wouldn't have to worry at all about taking your kids to school or picking them up. :)

I am so like you. I put things on my calendar, but then never look at it.

thefisherlady said...

Yes, you are a "true' mom!
Mine are out of the nest and in the end it is all the love poured in that makes the difference. They will smile at the memeory of late appointments and maybe even call you scatterbrain... but that love you always have is what they will want to imitate and they will pass it on to those they hold dear in their lives... Keep on! We have an awesome God who sees the heart... and lives there!
I enjoyed coming by today!