Thursday, December 29, 2011

I-800A Approval

We had a fabulous Christmas, made even better by getting our I-800A approval in the mail a few days before it.  This means we officially have approval from the US government to adopt Internationally.  When we get a referral we have some more paperwork (big surprise, I know) to get their approval to adopt the specific child China has chosen for us.  

Now we wait for our referral...and it might be in this next month.  Rumor Queen says so...but then she back-tracked and said it will be the 14th or 15th...given that we are the 15th that one day difference can be the world.

I should probably mention that when we get our referral it will not appear on the blog right away...and I'm not sure if I'll share her picture or not (until she is home, than of course, I will).   We have several family members personally that will expect us to share with them before we tell the world.  Given how many siblings and real life friends we have, it could take several days.  I know!  Of course, I'm closer to my on-line, bloggy adoption friends then real life people, but you cannot tell them that!

On the other hand, just because my blog is silent for a week or this last cannot assume we have a referral.  I could just have a new DS game.  Oh, and my husband and kids home all week for fun, food, and fights sweet fellowship.


No Greater Love said...

OH NO!!!! The suspense. Now I'll be thinking, "I wonder if Cedar has her referral." No. Wait. Maybe now. Or now. :o) Darn for real life family.


So happy for you!!!!!

Mer :)

Mimi said...

thanks for visiting my blog =) I will be praying for your adoption.

thefisherlady said...

prayers also from us for your adoption... we have three precious grandbabas! My daughter has resided in South Africa and after years of volunteering in a home for abandoned babies has adopted one and is waiting for the paper work for the other two that she has had already for two years as her own. It has been a difficult but amazing journey of love! Check out her new blog... she loves keeping up with other adoptive moms!