Saturday, January 28, 2012

One More Step

After over 5000 visits from China Adopt Talk, I'm assuming/hoping traffic will start to slow down and I can go back to my normal programming, but if you are here to hear about our referral that post is here.  

I finally added an adoption timeline to my sidebar.  Mostly so I can hopefully grasp the steps a little better, but also for those who are counting along.  It never seemed necessary before when L.I.D. 8/15/2006 was the only thing to put in it.  In fact it would have been kind of a sad little chart that way.


While we were out tonight my husband did get a text that our I-800 application has been received.  Now we are waiting on I-800 approval which appears to take about 2 weeks give or take a few days.

Let us see how much we can get done in those two we accomplished great things by purchasing a Kindle touch.  Entertainment on the plane...check.  We also looked at car seats, ergo carriers, camera bags, crib mattresses, and baby clothes...

It might have been a good idea to start shopping a bit earlier. Photobucket

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No Greater Love said...

Oh cool...a Kindle Touch. Is it the FIRE one that you get movies on? Or just the book one? I'm asking because I think the FIRE and the normal Kindle have different book selections. Anyway....there are A LOT of free books on the Kindle...if you want any suggestions. :)

And now I am off to the free photography class at the library!

Glad you had a fun shopping date...and pretty neat you got that text on your date. :)

AND...5,000're like the Pioneer Woman or something. :)