Monday, January 23, 2012

It's Only an Extra Week, Right?

Referral post is here.

Part of me knows there is a lot to get ready before we go and that we will be very busy these next few months.  A larger part wants to skip the next few months and just be in China right now.  But it will take time.  Now it will take another week of time.

Specifically, when our agency rep gave us our referral Thursday she said translation will take longer than usual because of the Chinese New Year.  At that moment I did not care what she meant by longer and couldn't even be curious as to why.

Apparently the translation is done in China?  So we cannot expect to get our translated documents until next Monday, Jan. 30th at the earliest.  Wouldn't matter except we cannot send in our I800 until we have the translated documents.

It appears to take between 6-12 weeks from I800 to TA.  I can't tell exactly and nothing is guaranteed.  Then typically our agency says we would travel 2-3 weeks after TA (though it could be even quicker...or longer.)

So that means...1 week for translation + 6 weeks for TA + 2 weeks to travel = 9 weeks at the soonest...and realistically 12 weeks or more.

Ummm, I actually waited relatively patiently and sanely during the 5 1/2 year wait for referral--really I did.  I apparently saved up all the crazy for now.  Because that one is driving me nuts.

Specifically, I have called my husband 3 times (about to be 4), we have sent our agency 8 messages, and I have not done anything remotely productive non-adoption related all day.  I have spent all morning reading different people's timelines and worrying that we will be the ones that take 6 months to travel.

Deep breath.


No Greater Love said...

NO! You will not be the one to travel 6 months...No no no no no.

I don't even pretend to know everything you are feeling right now. I can't imagine. :) But, I for one will absolutely be praying that this delay will only be a one week one!!!!!!!

I imagine seeing her picture makes you not one to spend one more day without her. She's soooooo cute. :)

Research-China.Org said...

Congratulations on your referral! When you are ready to get the newspaper finding ad for your child (with a photo months younger than the referral photos!) come visit us. We can probably get it to you before the 30th!! :-)

All the best!