Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I-800 On Its Way!

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My husband is awesome!  Apparently our agency was only teasing us when they said we would have to wait until next Monday for translated documents.  Okay, they were probably just being cautious.

So I went to my McDonald's playdate with Sunflower and a bunch of great friends with no urgency about getting home.  We came home at noon only to find my husband home from work with the documents printed out, filled in, and waiting for my signature and a letter from our agency.  We signed and double checked everything and took pictures and received the final piece from our agency and now it is all at the FedEx office.

So the countdown starts 6 days earlier than I thought it could.


Oak had most of it filled out before we received the translated medical report.  He has been working on paperwork, I-800, and Visa applications all weekend.  I am really appreciative of all the work he's done since I've been so ineffective.  If it rested solely on my shoulders it would have taken a few more days...I think.

Because while he was asking the agency questions like "the I-800 says it needs this form, can you send it?" and "How do we fill out this part of the paperwork?"...

I was asking, "How many other families in our LID?" (5, but they are all I-600)  "Can we send a package?"  (If you want.)  "Can we get an update on her?"  (Sure, just let us know what you want asked.)

Funny because my real life friends think of me as detailed and organized, but I'm starting to think I just hide my flakiness better than others.  Or maybe the details that interest me are just different than government paperwork.   Either way I am really pleased one of us can focus.

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No Greater Love said...

Oh, don't worry, your virtual friends totally know how disorganized you are. They aren't surprised Oak did it all.

:) I couldn't resist that.

I AM so happy for you, though! What is the weather suppose to be like when you travel? Do you know?

Start packing!!!!!!

(or should I say, "Get Oak to start packing.)