Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I'll Feed You

On the way home from spending New Year's Eve evening with friends, Sunflower was awake after having been asleep for a few hours.  So half asleep she started talking...

Some things about being locked in a room, thinking the clothes was a kitten and finding out that it was clothes, needing a pillow...every thought in her head pops out.  

It lead to the fact that we would be seeing Uncle B and Aunt H this next Saturday and perhaps their dog will be with them.  Now Sunflower is very frightened by dogs, shrieking, climb up walls frightened at times, but she is working on it.

Hang on...I'm getting there.

So she says she does like dogs.  Don't we remember how she fed Aunt H's dog last time it was here?

And we praised her for her bravery and courage.

Then..."I hope Aunt H's dog doesn't die."

Me:  "I don't think she will die anytime soon, but why?"

"I'll miss it." 

Now that surprised us. Sure she loves Aunt H and Uncle B...but their dog...well we don't see her very often.  
So since Sunflower was being so open, I decided to ask her a question.

"What do you feel about Sweet Pea?"

A long, long pause.

Then..."If she grows up to be a dog, I'll feed her everyday."
I don't think she could have made a clearer statement of commitment to sacrificial love. 

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Sarah said...

Ha ha ha...that was so funny!!!! :o)

I didn't know Sunflower was so scared of dogs....did something scary happen to make her so scared?

And it's really Meredith, but I'm logged into Sarah's account so I can update her blog while she's in China. I'm too lazy to sign out and then sign back in as me, then sigh out again...