Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sometimes Feelings Don't Reflect Your Beliefs

I try not to be political here...or actually in real life either.  I tend to talk religion enough, I wouldn't have any friends if I talked politics, too.  However, I am working on a post about the need for reform and ethical adoption practices...just don't know exactly how to phrase it yet.

But, knowing I'm not political, do not take this as a post reflecting my actual view of the politics it touches on.

Right now I'm really annoyed with the military.  Generically I see so many people suffering and families struggling and falling apart because of military service the difficulties inherent in being separated for long periods, the pain of war and other undisclosed reasons.  

Personally, my friend lost her husband, another struggles with her husband's severe PTSD, and my brother met his wife...well, let's not go there.

Also, it sent Major Awesome to Korea.  Now that will be a grand adventure for him, so maybe I am more jealous of his adventure than sad, but still :(

And then yesterday, a friend told me her husband got orders Monday for Texas...not Fort Hood, another one near San Antonio.  Her husband will be a drill instructor and spend 12 weeks learning how to be mean.  Sigh.  I will miss her and her family.  Our church small group will miss them.  Their youngest is the same age as my Sweet Pea.  And I worry for their future, whether it is my right to or not.

But mostly I will miss her bright smile and cheerful, "Hello, Miss Cedar!"  Well, we have until August.  Better make the most of it.

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