Saturday, January 26, 2013

Getting Down Low -- Sunday Snapshot

I know I like the composition better of a photo if I get down low to take it.  The problem is that outside right now that means I get really dirty and inside... tells my subject: "Time to climb on Mommy!" 
No matter how far away she is.

And since she is moving and getting closer, it makes focusing difficult until she is too close to actually focus on at all.
But who doesn't love their daughter running to them?  Plus time for a group shot, right?
Okay, not so right.  (I have one where we are in focus, but Oak says I have crazy eyes in it and Sweet Pea looks like she is trying to escape.)

So let's set-up the other camera and see if we can capture what our play looks like.   That'll work, right?
 Except, Major Awesome's camera on that cool tripod trumps climbing on Mommy who is lying on the floor.
It is a good thing to learn how to get down low for the shot now before you are 18 months old.  That is better than Mommy's idea for a portrait together.
I guess we won't call it Major Awesome's camera, or even Oak's camera, or the Point and is now officially Sweet Pea's camera...though it will still be primarily used by Oak and Cedar. 
Ni Hao Yall


Holly S. said...

She has great expressions! I love the shot of you and her.
Holly S.

Michelle said...

She is so adorable and looks like she is filled to the brim with joy! Great pictures!!

Teri said...

Oh how cute!!!! She is such a photos!

likeschocolate said...

What a doll!

No Greater Love said...

Blah..I just left a comment, but it didn't go hopefully you are not about to get a double one. I love these photos, but believe it or not, I especially love the blurry one of you and Sweet Pea....I just love it.