Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Favorite Presents

Such a fun, wonderful Christmas!  It was such a joy to be together as a family, complete.  Last year we were anticipating a match with our Sweet Pea in a few months, but we'd been waiting for that moment for 6 years.  Now she is home.  It is impossible to describe the sense of rightness that brings.

Plus I've finally gotten a handle on my external flash and am actually happy with many of my photos this year.  So many great at least to me photos of my beautiful children make me gives me an excuse to use my Christmas present; an upgrade to Lightroom 4.

But here are my 4 littles with their favorite presents:

 Relays for his robot stuff.

A DS game Kirby Attack.  He knew it was a DS game all week under the tree, but couldn't figure out which one was left to want.  He was very excited to find out it was a Kirby game.

It was a bike.  This is as far as she got opening it.  As soon as she saw it was a bike she stopped unwrapping.  Afterall it wasn't put together yet.  Weather wise it will probably be a few months before it gets much use, but she was very glad to get it.

Sweet Pea:
She seemed very excited to realize that the baby she had spent the whole time riding around with and talking to in Costco was now here and planning to stay. 

A very good Christmas indeed.


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I love the look on her face...precious!! Visiting from Wittle People.
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