Thursday, May 3, 2012

We're Here

We made it to our hotel, at dinner in the cafe out of sleepiness, and now Huckleberry is crashed and we are following shortly behind.  Our hope is that now that we've been awake for 20 odd hours we'll sleep great tonight and be on track to follow Beijing's hours in the morning.  

Nothing really to report about the plane ride.  It went smoothly.  No trouble with check-in or seats.  They fed us lots of food and drinks (the free safe for kids kind) and had the new nifty control your own TV screen.  Even though I had good conversations with Oak and my new friend from near us and watched some TV and one was really just a long, long, long flight.  I really feel for my friend who had another 4 hours of travel ahead of her before settling into her hotel.

We have met two families from our agency travel group so far.  They seem nice...if a bit tired.  Tomorrow we meet the rest and hopefully we'll all be rested.

I do miss my kids and we hope to be able to talk to them via facetime in the morning.  I guess I'd better try and go to sleep.  I am really tired, but the bed really is quite hard.  I don't mean to complain, but it cracks me up every time I sit down because in my sleepy state I keep thinking I'd missed the bed and hit the floor it is just that hard.

Sleep Well!


No Greater Love said...

So glad you made it all safe! Hopefully you'll be so tired that you won't even notice that hard bed. Have you taken tons of pictures yet? :) Goodnight!

Nancy said...

So so excited for you. Hope you're sleeping well as I write this! Rest up... she's coming!!!!

Adrian Roberta said...

Sleep Sleep Sleep my bloggy friend! (((hugs)))

Catherine said...

Glad you're there save and that Huckleberry is able to enjoy this amazing experience with you!!

Sweet dreams.