Sunday, May 13, 2012

Shop While You Have the Chance

There is no doubt about it, our daughter is the sweetest, happiest, giggliest baby in all of China...possibly the whole world.  When she laughs it is impossible not to laugh back.  She still prefers Mama to hold her, but she is more and more content with Daddy as an option each day.  Today she even sat, happily, in a high chair twice...meaning we all got properly fed at our meals (not like the day before when she woke up from her sleep in the front pack and spilled my soup all over me and the wasn't hot broth as I'd already discovered eating noodles was not really possible to do with a baby on your front; no worries the laundry person came that afternoon).  She and I spent an hour today in the tub splashing and playing (the pool was closed for rain, what?)  Then after dinner she went swimming again with Oak and Huckleberry.  Then upstairs with Mama for what I can only call our bedtime routine.  I think we are getting to know each other...and she is incredible.

 She does do better when we stick to our room or the pool or any place not too crowded.  My one biggest regret of this trip is that I listened to the advice to wait until you are in Guangzhou to shop for souvenirs.  It makes have to cart them less distance and the prices are better than the tourist trap stores your guides may take you, but I don't want to shop with baby.  I want to stay in and keep her (and me) comfortable and happy.  Bargaining might be fun if you have all the time in the world, but with a hot baby waiting for her next bottle, I just cannot care about price (and my husband isn't willing to bargain even for clearly labeled discounts.)  In theory I would go shopping without baby...or husband...but this point in her life is not the time for that...

So we may end up with a few less gifts (ie none of you are getting presents except SnapDragon and Sunflower) and we are definitely not going to purchase something for each of Sweet Pea's next 18 birthdays...unless we can actually get 18 pearls at some point in the next 48 hours...but we do have a chop of her Chinese name, a little pendant, a Porcelain rice bowl set and tea pot from her Province, the painting of her name we bought in Beijing, and a hand--no brushes--painting of the Great Wall of China.  Look at can do some shopping with a baby on your front.

Anyway, my advice still is to do as much of the shopping as you can before you receive your child, because once that child is in your arms everything else, including purchasing Jade and silks (though it will probably still happen) fades into complete insignificance.

 Really, look at that face!

(By the way, I posted two posts during afternoon nap and one after bed.  For those of you in the states, both while you were possibly still sleeping...just so you don't miss the photos from the Temple of Heaven if you are interested.)

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No Greater Love said...

Oh my goodness....that picture is priceless. I love it.

And what? You're not buying me something and mailing it to Colorado. How horrible. :)

That's alright....that's because you're saving your $ to come visit me. I understand. :)