Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Random Details

So yesterday was the most whirlwind day ever.  There is still a lot to process and I'm still figuring out what is for the blog and what is for Sweet Pea to have for herself.  Just so you know we couldn't be happier and she seems to be doing really well.

In a half hour we are going to meet another family for dinner...actually we are going to their executive suite (they have to come get us) then the guys are going to go get some Papa John's.  Since we had McDonald's for lunch today after shopping at the RT with our guide and another family, Huckleberry might have been more interested in Chinese, but I'm looking forward to some cheese.  This is a family who I "met" through my facebook Springtime in China group so I'm excited to meet another on-line friend in person (sorry, M). 

Some things about our hotels I have been really loving...

Doorbells.  Instead of knocking they have this really pleasant sounding doorbells.  Perhaps this is true of all 5 star hotels, but I've only experienced it in China.

The shower at the Galactic Peace is awesome, plus we have a huge tub...and our room is a pretty standard one with only two slightly wider than twin beds.  So far that works.  It also plays soothing music in the bathroom.  Took us awhile to figure out where it was coming from and how to turn it off, but it was quiet and pretty so not a problem.  

Actually, I kind of like the hard beds.  I was worried, but I haven't had a problem sleeping on them at all and I find I am less sore than when I wake up at home.  Definitely time for a new mattress at home and probably something a bit firmer than before (though not the plywood status of our China beds.)

Loving the giggling, chatty baby who is apparently turning off Daddy's iPad at inopportune moments and loving it.  I just spent an hour feeding her a bottle...and while attachment parenting says to look in their eyes while feeding, she was too busy watching Daddy.  I couldn't say where she is in attaching, but she does seem to accept us both pretty well.  That makes the Galactic Peace in Nanchang a much better hotel than the Chang An Grand in Beijing.

Changing rooms at the pool with lockers and waterproof keys.  All for our us went swimming for a little bit this afternoon.  We have not been able to give her a bath, but she seemed content to be in the pool for 30 minutes.  We brought the stroller (compliments of the hotel) down to put her in while I changed, but she started crying so the attendant came and swooped her up.  Not a perfect solution for attachment, but it did calm her down (and I changed really fast with a lady standing there holding my baby!)  After swimming I went in early to get ready than came back to get her when done.

In Beijing the bedding was so smooth.  Loved the linens and pillows.  At both hotels the towels are plush and cushy.  Luxurious.

Room service.  It isn't the cheapest way to get food and sometimes the choices aren't exactly what you expected, but when you are tired it is so nice for food to just show up.  The club sandwich at the Galactic Peace has egg, pickle, and some random meats, but it is the most delicious club sandwich I'd ever had.  (Yesterday we at breakfast on the bus to the plan at 5:00 a.m.; then they fed us on the plan at 9:00 a.m.; then we met our baby, signed papers, went to appointment after appointment and got home around 3:30 p.m.  We were very hungry with NO energy for hunting down food.  The congee and Chinese Dumplings we ordered were also good.)

Okay, now I have to go get ready for dinner and go enjoy my happy baby.  We are so very blessed!

(Oh, and by the way, our guide in Beijing was named Tom and he was fantastic and our guide in Nanchang is named Mary.  We love her...especially since she agreed to take us to the orphanage on Thursday...switched from Wednesday.)


No Greater Love said...

Oh my....another person you get to meet before me. :) Don't worry, I'll be waiting for you when you come off the plane. You won't mind a house guest as soon as you get home, right? (totally joking)

Thank you for the update. She sounds so wonderful. Can't wait to see pictures of her in the pool. I bet they are so cute!!!!!

Nancy said...

Those beds at the Galactic Peace???!!! Don't get me started! Solid concrete had more give! Glad you haven't been bothered by it. I think my back is still damaged.

PandJ_L said...

I had decent sleeps too at Galactic! I was sooo tired though I could have slept anywhere! Could you please tell Mary that we said Hi and that 越丽顺 is doing very amazing! (Yue, Li Shun) That is awesome that you are going to the SWI! One day when we go back we will visit. Have fun and enjoy every second!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I am SO glad her transition is going as smoothly as it is! And I'm glad you'll be visiting the SWI. I suspect you will never forget it.

Pamela said...

Hello Cedar,
I enjoy reading your blog. We stayed at the Galactic Peace when we adopted our daughter Sophie (December 12, 2011). Mary was our guide as well. She's an amazing lady. Please tell her hello from Pam, Brian and Sophie (Luying) from British Columbia, Canada. Oh and try ordering the vegetarian pizza from the hotel restaurant. It's delicious!
Take Care,
Pam (cleveroriole.blogspot.com)