Saturday, May 12, 2012

Random Cuteness

I was wrong...the Ergo would have helped.  It certainly made today with the medical appointments and walk to dinner a lot easier on my back.  It was great to see our group again and some of the others I've met along the way...including the woman and her new daughter that lives near us at home.  

However, by the time I uploaded all my pictures from the last few days, made back-ups and double back-ups of the SWI visit and Metcha day (having lost all of our pictures once...and paid to have them recovered...we are a tad paranoid), and got Sweet Pea asleep (which actually took about 3 not even terribly fussy minutes once I just laid her down to let her sooth herself to sleep) I was too tired to do a real post with thought or pictures you get to see my beautiful baby with no explanations instead (which is good because who wants more run-on sentences like this one!).  Enjoy.  I know we do.

She has the best laugh.



Andrea Dawn said...

She is so adorable . . . she looks lovely on you. Makes me teary to see you with this little one you've waited so long for.

No Greater Love said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures. I love the laugh one. I love the cute colorful and polka-dotty. I love seeing Huckleberry.....and you of course....but I was really wanting to see Huckleberry and Sweet Pea. :)


I am so satisfied.