Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday, May 11th

Today was a really long day.  Really long.  This does not bode well for our flights home Wednesday.  Don't get me wrong, Sweet Pea did amazingly well for a baby leaving her home Province and out all day, but Mama reached the end of her rope.  Somehow we didn't get lunch, an early dinner of noodles was good, but my room service fried noodles are too spicy.  Oak says I'm cranky...but then I think we all are...except Sweet Pea.

We started with packing to go, but since Sweet Pea wouldn't be happy if I put her down or passed her off Oak had to do it all.  We also talked to the kids back home on Facetime.  My sister is now staying with them.  It is great to see them, but I'd love to give them some kisses and hugs.  (Sunflower does kiss the camera on the computer...but that isn't quite the same thing.)  

Then we had breakfast at the Chinese side of the hotel.  Our guide had said we could pick either place and the Chinese buffet was open until 11:00 a.m. but for a moment we were panicked.  They said no buffet is this way, but it is closed (at 10:00 a.m.) but once we convinced them we WANTED to eat at the Breakfast Tea Hong Kong Style all was good...and the food was great.  The food at the Galactic Peace has all been excellent.  Huckleberry got to try quite a few different things...most of which we don't know what they are a tea flavored tofu?

Then we went to check-out and wait for our guide.  While waiting we used the free lobby wi-fi to facetime the kids again.  We knew Auntie J would be visiting with my sister and the kids and might like to see her new niece.  We were right...she did.

Then the long part of the day.  We decided to check the Ergo...and I don't think it would have necessarily helped, but hard airport chairs and walking between terminals are not the best place to sit for two hours holding a wiggly baby.  I finally went to change Sweet Pea's diaper and found a waiting room for mom's with small children.  It had couches and was quiet so Sweet Pea and I had a pleasant half hour there...until she needed a new diaper.  Which we changed in a rush as our plane started loading...oh wait, the bus to our plane started loading.  It was very difficult to hold onto a bus rail and a baby who decided to go from a little fussy to all out screaming.  I didn't blame her.  I would have cried if I could.  But out came the magic cheerios and all survived.

Really it was just little moments of more intense crying and arching her back than we've seen all week, but it is only reasonable and we were asking a lot of her.  The confined places and stuffy heat was getting to all of us.  She always settled long as Mama held her.  She even slept through descent once she was relaxed enough to sleep.  But we had an hour delay AFTER we got on the plane and it was another 30-45 minutes on the bus to the hotel.

But then we ate some noodles, got something to drink, gave her a fresh bottle, and she was the happiest we've seen her yet.  One of us only had to be within 6 inches for her to play with toy after toy and giggle and laugh.  Then we went down to the pool.  Oak and Huckleberry went in with her while I watched by the side (I wanted to be ready to take her for bed as soon as she seemed fussy.)  She loved it...splash, splash, splash.  Finally we got out just because the rest of us were tired.

Now she is quietly sleeping.  She let me get her dressed from her suit into her jammies with hardly a peep (this is progress because changing is usually a little difficult.)  She ate her bottle...after Daddy came up and remade it...Mama didn't do it quite right...and fell asleep.  She really is a dream.  Now I just have to make sure I eat often enough and somehow get a back brace, and we should make it through the rest of this trip just fine.

A good night's sleep is probably the first place to start.   I've heard the beds at the China Hotel Marriott are actually soft...


Nancy said...

Oh I hope you're enjoying the beds at the Marriott. they are much better, and the buffet is just as good too.
Enjoy the ride,

No Greater Love said...

Hope you slept well!!!!! :) Glad she is so comforted by you. That must make your Mama heart feel so good. Tired. But good. :)