Friday, September 23, 2011

Potter and Sunflower

I am leaving in 45 minutes to spend the weekend away.  I would be embarrassed to admit what I was leaving to do, but if I am to be me it would be silly to try to hide my taste in fiction.  My friend and I are going away to stay at a condo and watch all the Harry Potter movies in one weekend.  There was to be 3 of us--and still could be...just call Oak to get Julie's cell!  My friend planned it all out and even created the weekend menu out of a Harry Potter cook book--including chocolate frogs.

But since I have a little time before I go, and I actually got most of my have tos done (enough that Oak will be quite pleased), I thought I would leave you a few photos for favorite photo Friday.
Do not ask me why she looks like a one year old dressed her.  I promise her outfit was chosen by a three year old.
 What you cannot see is the she is also wearing a denim skirt under the dress.
the long road

This is maybe my favorite photo of the week...or at least of Sunflower at that particular moment.  She was tired after a long day of walking around our church's neighborhood handing out invitations to our upcoming Marriage Conference. 

Have a great weekend!  I plan to though I will miss my family!Photobucket


Smileyhappychan said...

I love that last picture! Adorable!

No Greater Love said...

Have a wonderful weekend!!!! It sounds like fun to me. :)

I read the post you linked to, about fiction. I agree with you...I love fiction. I actually almost never read it, but that is only because I lack all self-control, and will stay up the entire night...and then be horrible to my family the next day. So, I just stay away. But, if I had more self-control I'd read more of it.

I love my Kindle solely for all the free classics I can get on it, like Little Women etc. :)

But my favorite is George McDonald. Have you read any of his stuff? I think I have almost all of his stuff...the children's fiction and the adult fiction. Love, love, love it...

And I love the pictures of Sunflower. I think the top one is my favorite.

Merrill said...

Oh I hope you had a wonderful time and enjoyed the movies with your friend. I devoured the HP books, and my daughter is now. Have only seen 2 of the movies though.