Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Day of Middle School

Today was Huckleberry's first day of school.  Okay, not really, but it feels like it.  He had gone to school 5 days, then 8 days of strike, then 2 days back without his schedule being changed.

Today he starts with his new schedule, and every single class is changed.  He has the same teachers for math, science, and still has music technology, but at different times.  His humanity class is a different hour and a different teacher.  But boys choir is now Spanish and General Studies is now band, so no complaints. 

Actually since Friday they told him they couldn't give him Spanish, I am really thrilled.  Monday they told him they could only give him band IF he took Spanish.  Was that okay?   Ummm, yeah! 

Of course that is why everything else is changed to put him into the smaller Spanish and Band classes, but he doesn't mind at all.  Other kids might be afraid to start all over and be behind in two out of 8 classes, but he is just fine with it.  In fact because they only meet for four classes each day and Science switched days, he was two days ahead in that class.  Gives him time to catch up in Spanish (though the Spanish he had in 4th and 5th grade is helping with that.)

They also started their after school programs this week.  He joined the robotics club and since they have a competition December 3rd, he is eager to stay after school every Monday - Thursday.  

So since he is now involved in all of the things he wanted to do at school, he considers Middle School to be perfect.  He even gets to play saxophone in band which was his instrument of choice.  Nevermind that we own two flutes, two trombones, and a French horn.  It had to be saxophone.


No Greater Love said...

Yay for back to school! And that is great Huckleberry's schedule worked out so nicely!

And boy did I laugh about the saxophone comment. :)

Deb said...

wow he is one busy boy! Glad that school is back in session and you guys can get a routine going!