Friday, July 15, 2011

Picture Perfect -- Summer

I feel like this blog is woefully neglected lately while my photography blog is getting a post a day; so unfair!  But I just have not been having any deep thoughts.  Aside from scheduling a sitter so we can meet with our Social Worker so she can write our homestudy so we can...all I have been doing is taking pictures, doing things with the kids so I have something to take pictures of, editing pictures, and making myself limit my children's screen time to the agreed upon summer limits.  It has been hard to be diligent because with all the rain "turn off the TV" results in a lot of mess and noise--but I say it--I do.  It just means I have no space in my head for deep thoughts.  

So that means you get a gratuitous picture of my son.  Nancy over at Ordinary Miracles and the Crazy Eight is having her monthly Picture Perfect Contest.  

Picture {Perfect}

The theme is summer.  I wasn't sure I could participate this time because with all the rain I might get a shot at summer in August.  But then I remembered some shots from the 4th of July--the nicest one we've had in a long time (the irony in that does not escape me).
Out of the different pictures taken at the lake that day, I chose this one because summer is:  the light, the swimming, the wet children, and the exhaustion.  He took a moment to rest, ate a plum, and went back to swimming.   He also looks so grown up in this shot (for an 11 year old) and to me, this year, summer means that last days of my baby boy.  Next year he is in middle school and before I'll know it (but hopefully not before completing an adoption from China) college.


Nancy said...

The light on the top of his head/hair and the bokeh in the green background and wonderful!
Thank you for entering Picture Perfect!

Adrian Roberta said...

LOL, I'm sure you'll be well into your 5th China adoption by the time College rolls around! LOL

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the recommendation. I actually put that same book on hold at the library yesterday, so now I am really wanting to read it.

The wordpress blog is my nemesis...but I will try and figure out how to get my e-mail on it. :) Somehow...someday. But, I don't mind long comments, anyway. :)

Again...I really enjoy your pic's and your words. The picture of your son is priceless. So good.

When my kiddos are in bed tonight I will read your adoption process. I would love to learn more.