Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fireworks -- Sunday Snapshot

We had a great Fourth of July weekend--the park, a birthday party, dinner with my Dad, a trip to the Falls, the Zoo, and the 4th itself at a friend's house on a lake.  
I am still sorting through all of the pictures I took.  But while I might later share the pictures from the Falls, the zoo, or the Antique Tractor Pull from the weekend before, fireworks might seem a little dated if I wait too long to share them.  

And I do want to share them.  They aren't perfect, but we had a good time watching them and it was a blast to take pictures--though my camera still smells a little smokey.  

The hard part is narrowing it down--so this blog gets 8, my facebook got 5, and my photo blog has another 8.

This doesn't include all the truly funky ones created by camera shake or me holding the button down a little too long that I still kept because laser lights in the sky is just really cool.

Kind of like this one, but even funkier with even more squiggly lines and colors.  Maybe by next year I'll have a tri-pod.
I'll admit it.  The boys favorite part was swimming in the lake, but I didn't take many pictures of that.

Nor did I take any pictures of Huckleberry riding the jet ski or Sunflower swinging on the swing set.  I did take pictures of Sunflower playing with her friend and feeding her friend's cousin play food, but I'll stick to photos of fireworks today.

Truly a blessed Fourth of July weekend.  I pray yours was also blessed and safe.  

Thank you to those in the military service and your families for the sacrifices you make in order to keep my country free.  Thank you for those who work at home to keep my family safe.

Sunday Snapshot



Brooke said...

Oh my gracious! Your firework photos are absolutely brilliant!! Can you tell me the secret to getting a great shot? I tried and tried, but my fourth of July pictures just stink! :( (Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. So glad it lead me here!!)

Merrill said...

Love the fireworks pictures! We didn't venture out to any this year, but we did watch the Washington, DC ones on TV, if that counts...

clearness said...

We didn't get to do fireworks this year because the weather was really very wet. Your photos are gorgeous!

The Johnsons said...

For such few fireworks you sure captured a lot of them! I think you made them look better than they actually were!