Monday, July 11, 2011

My Monday Morning

I did it!  I sent off all of our new paperwork to our SW so we can now schedule our homestudy visits.  

I called the mom of SnapDragon's best friend from school and arranged a play date for Thursday.  He cannot wait to see her. 

I called Huckleberry's school and then filled out his enrollment packet.  Then I took the two youngest to Huckleberry's school to turn it all in and pick up the forms for camp enrollment and elective choices.

I folded the clothes and put some of them away.

I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher.

Caught up on blogs and comments and watched an episode of Psych.

Also I got 3 1/2 hours of weeding done and it isn't yet 3:00p.m.

Overall a very efficient and stress relieving morning.  Sending off the adoption paperwork and making the phone calls lifted a huge weight from my shoulders, or more accurately untwisted the knot in my stomach.  It has been almost a year since we told our agency we were ready to renew our homestudy which was a little early, but now we are starting to cut it a little close assuming China's pace stays similar (which is a huge assumption).

SnapDragon has been begging for weeks to go see his little friend from school.  She is a sweet girl from a nice family, and he just adores spending time with her and sharing stories and active imaginations.  But arranging elementary age play dates is really uncomfortable for me.  I've been dreading making the call.  We've met her parents several times, but do we meet at the park, can she come here, do we have to have the whole family over, can we just let him play at her house?  Thankfully Mrs. Best Friend Mom suggested SnapDragon come over to play and have lunch Thursday.  I quickly accepted the easiest solution for me--the only work involved being driving him to and fro--feeling quite comfortable in the ability of two teachers to keep him safe.  

I am also glad to have confirmation from Huckleberry's school that he has a spot and will be in the system soon.

Okay, so maybe I ate a fresh pretzel off the floor because it was easier than taking it to the trash.  Maybe Oak took the paperwork to the post office and Sunflower put away some of the laundry (scarily well for a not yet 3 year old on her own prompting).  Maybe my friend's daughter did the weeding in order to earn money for her trip to Uganda with Samaritan's Purse, but I did do all the other stuff.  Surely someone has said that delegation is the ultimate form of efficiency.


Adrian Roberta said...

I love it! One way or all got done right?!

Cleo said...

Congrats on accomplishing soooo much! If you're anything like me, after a day like that, I might be "beat", but I feel "gooood"! ;)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Holy wow, you've made me tired just reading this!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog quite randomly...isn't that how it always works. And I love it. I wish I could find your e-mail, so I wouldn't be writing you such a massively long comment... :o) But, I love your pictures, I do think you are funny, I am in awe of your book reviews, and can't wait to really get a chance to read them. I am a book fanatic too. And I think what you write spiritually is beautiful. I do believe I will be adding you to my very small blog roll. :)