Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vocabulary, School, and a Hi-Jacking

Me: How was your day?  Good, bad, or indifferent?

SnapDragon:  a little different.

Me:  How so?

SnapDragon:  It was 5th grade graduation so instead of library we had an extra long recess.

I guess "indifferent" isn't covered in 1st grade vocabulary.
On a side note tomorrow is Huckleberry's 5th grade graduation.  I cannot believe my baby is 11.  We successfuly enrolled him in the Middle School in our district that sounds like it has some great programming.  It is probable, though not definite, that he will attend there in the fall.  While turning in the paperwork I talked to a guidance counselor that says she enjoys working there, a district IT person that said every person she has met has been nice and friendly, and a parent of a 7th grader who said "It is the best school EVER!" and that his son attended in 6th grade and then over the summer they fired everyone (which was part of the government sponsored reworking of the school) and that "This year he loves it and has enjoyed school every day!"  I told the guidance counselor that my son loves to learn and we were looking for a school where he could learn the most and continue enjoying it, and she smiled.

I appreciate everyone's advice and wisdom.  Having knowledge of the atmosphere and the "more than test scores" of a school is certainly what we lack most about our in-district school option while we do know teachers and students and parents of students at the other school.  It is what makes me anxious about our choices.  The advice to find teachers and staff willing to lay it out is excellent though difficult to follow.  However, it definitely set me on the path of asking questions and getting some reassuring answers.  It is a path I will continue down for this choice and other school choices that will come up.   Thank you.

It does feel overwhelming at times--like I alone am responsible for gaurenteeing my child's safety and an excellent education.  Certainly they are part of my parental duties, but ultimately God is the one in control.  He created my son; He knows my son; He has knowledge about the teachers and school programs that I will never have; and most of all He has a plan for my son--His child--a plan to prosper him and not to harm him.
Pondering the secrets of the universe with every expectation that he can discover them all.  (I guess this was more of a post hi-jack than a side-note.)


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Nancy said...

Our kiddos go to an "alternative" school in the district too. I'm not sure it's the best, but I am reasonably confident it's the best thing right now that I have offered to me. And if worse comes to worse, I'll change schools. Now that I have older ones, (a sr in high school this year) I've come to appreciate that school really isn't that important. Maybe that sounds wrong. But really. There are so many more important things. Like learning to love. And feels God's love. And give back. And. And. And. Now I've rambled on and on. Maybe a blog post of my own would be more appropriate.
All this to say... you're doing great.