Monday, June 20, 2011

School Peace

I am so excited!  It turns out there is another family* sending their child to the in-district school with new programming where we are sending Huckleberry.  This is very reassuring to me.  We are not really close to this family since our outside church activities haven't crossed, but we have known them for years and really respect them.

If terrific parents like these are sending their daughter there, we might not be making a horrible mistake.  (I know they are better parents than us because their children actually finish their AWANA books while our Huckleberry had 1 page left in his.)

Their daughter is nervous about going to a new school apart from all of her friends, but they are convinced it will be a better education.  They are glad we are sending Huckleberry there.  

Huckleberry is very happy to know someone going there.  He says it changes his confidence that it is where he wants to go to school from an 81% to an 86%.

I am very grateful for this gift of peace from God.  Now if I can just not mess up the whole enrollment process somehow.  

*For those in the area wondering what family--they are the family with almost 6 year old twins, boy and girl, and two older daughters.  I see you nod, yes, they are better parents.

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Nancy said...

Isn't that little reassurance so... so... reassuring! Little thngs make a huge difference sometimes. I glad for that for you.
PS- I never came close to finishing my Awana books. Never. Maybe that explains things.