Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Extra Special

"There is something just extra special about you, Sunflower," I said as she snuggled in my shoulder as I lifted her from the car.

"What is it?  Tell ME!"

It isn't that she can spend 24 hours refusing to walk because of a scratch (wide but shallow) on her knee even convincing the children in church child care to bring her toys because the mean old teacher (Mommy) wouldn't.

It isn't because she says, "Buckle me out!" when she wants out of her carseat.

It isn't because she can say the same thing over and over for 10 minutes with different inflections quiet enough to not be irritating.  My current favorite repetitive phrases are "I got gobbels" (wearing her brother's goggles) and "I like Captain Awesome" (it has a nice ring with his real name).

She is sweet, funny, intense, smart, soft, pretty, and so much more, but really I meant "there is SOMETHING extra special about Sunflower."  I don't KNOW what that extra special thing is.


Holly@A Life-Size Catholic Blog said...

Thanks for stopping by. I can see you are a photo expert. What a wonderful blog, this one and the photography blog too!

In your why you blog statement you wrote: I hope to do this all with a Biblical worldview so I can be the best mother, wife, and child of God I am capable of being.

I can think of no worthier a reason to do anything!

Many Blessings...

Nancy said...

Oh yes! Your images are better and better! These are wonderful! Can you give me a lesson? New lens?