Thursday, June 9, 2011

School Choices

Huckleberry did not get into the school program that we want him in.  Not because he is not qualified.  Not because he hasn't been with these children the last two years doing well.  Not because he shouldn't be in the program.  Not because those taking his place will do better than him.

My beautiful boy did not get in because we are not in the district.  We have been waivering districts and going to this district since the beginning of Kindergarten.  For 4th and 5th grade he attended an honors program (Excel) for 24 students out of 12 elementary schools.

No one has competed for his spot.

But now it is Middle School.  In Middle School more parents want a better education for their child.  Probably because the difference between non-honors track vs honors track is less while in elementary school.  The difference didn't feel like such a big deal (though it was).  

But now more parents care.  Well, 8 more parents with qualified students.  That is where it puts him, 8th on the waiting list.

I am grateful for the last two years he had in the Excel program.  I am glad he had such great opportunities.

Now we are at a crossroads, and I do not know the answer.

I cry for his lost opportunity in a program we know is great.

We wonder.  Do we send him to the school his friends are going to but not in the honors?  Do we send him to the other Middle school that does still have room in honors but is not a safe school over all?  Do we try to move into district and thus move to the top of the waiting list hopefully eventually get in to the honors program?  Do we homeschool?  Do we move into another district?  Do we send him to his district Middle School?  Do we find a program in the district we live in and drive him long distances?  Any other options?

We have options.  We are informed enough to know we have options.  We are attending an information meeting tonight at a "Math and Science" school in our district to be even more informed.  We are in a comfortable enough place financially that while private school is not an option there are many choices for us.  

But even among the options I must turn it over to God.  I want God to guide our decision, all of our decisions.
Middle School won't kill him, but it sure feels like it might.  I would much rather have God make this decision.


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

aw, that's a tough one!


Kris said...

It is a tough decision. We are doing online virtual school for next year. Maybe another option? It is Online public school, they have a homeroom teacher and you get all of the materials.

Anonymous said...

I have a similar story with an out-of-district issue. It's interesting to hear someone from another area facing the same. :-) It's like we have things in common event though we've never met.

We, too, will be going to a new school this year. I'll pray both our boys do well!