Sunday, May 5, 2013

This Day Last Year...

...We started the day at the Great Wall of China.
I didn't realize we were color coded until I uploaded the pictures later.
And we ended our long day with a visit to the "Bird's Nest" home of the 2008 Olympics and a walk to dinner.  My regret from that day is that we did not order the Peking duck at the restaurant.  We were tired and not feeling adventerous, but we never did get another chance to try it on our trip.

Today we are going to a lunch event to watch the movie Stuck.  Our local friend with whom we traveled is hosting it to raise awareness of the needs of children stuck in the sytem and to raise funds for their family's adoption of a little boy in Uganda.  I am looking forward to seeing our friend and supporting them.  I'm not really looking forward to watching the film with a whole bunch of strangers.  I don't know enough about the film to judge it on my own, but I have heard it is pretty emotional.  Who wants to cry in public?  And while I believe there are children who need families stuck without one because of beauracy, I am also not sure what can or needs to be change. For some children that beauracy is the only thing protecting them from unethical, immoral, heart-wrenching adoption practices.

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