Saturday, May 4, 2013

Our First Full Day... China was pretty much covered in two posts from China one year ago.  But I never did post about the hotel itself.

We stayed at the Chang’anGrand Hotel in Beijing.  It is a pretty nice hotel especially compared to the International student dorms I stayed in my last trip to Beijing in 1997.

The lobby was quite grand...
...with flowers...
 ...and lovely chandeliers.
Though my favorite decoration in the hotel was the large urns...
 ...with actual fish swimming in them.
I do really think fish are cool as long as I don't have to take care of them and keep their water clean or eat them.

We had to stay in the hotel our agency chose, but I wouldn't go there again.  It seemed to cater mostly to business travel and we did not run into any other adoptive families except for those from our agency.  It does have a very nice pool, and I think the guys ended up using it once, but I never had the energy and time.  When we go to Beijing again I would prefer a hotel much, much closer to the subway line.

The breakfast buffet was very good, but not astonishing great like I was expecting.  I did like all the different drink options and it did have more variety than the best buffet we've had in the US, but somehow I found it a little disappointing, less than exciting (unless you count the fire the first morning.)

The room was large enough and the two "twin" beds were almost queen sized though very,very 2x4s.
There wasn't much more space than this in the room, though enough room for a desk, table, and chair.  I have a few pictures of the remaining part, but we are pretty messy travelers.  Yes, that is Oak counting out our money before returning it to the safe.  We had already wired half of our money to the SWI, but somehow US dollars become a lot bulkier when converted to the equivalant - half in RMB.

Huckleberry is writing in his China journal as part of his homework, and I was hoping to share those entries with you...but we can't find the journal anywhere.  I'm pretty sure that means we put it somewhere safe so the other kids wouldn't write in it.  Someday maybe we'll find it.  He would know if they used the pool or not and exactly what he thought of it.  

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