Tuesday, May 7, 2013

On May 7, 2012...

Sweet Pea joined our family.
In our hotel room that first hour with her one year ago.
 It is impossible to describe what a blessing she has been ever since.
Today...she wouldn't put the water gun down once I took her outside.
 She loves life and makes it impossible not to love it with her.
"Metcha" Day/Family Day/Sweet Pea Day...at our first appt that first day with her.
She has done so well adjusting to her new life with us in the past year.
Today in the outfit we "sent" her through Ann at Red Threads and she was dressed in on our first day.
That day one year ago was so amazing and emotional.
At the end of our first day after a full day of appointments.
I cannot wait to see what our next year with her will bring.
The water gun did still have some water in it...and she finds it easier to point it at herself.
 Happy Fami-versary*, Sweet Pea! 

 * I like the name Fami-versary because I love word play/puns, but found it impossible to pronounce out loud...who knows what we'll call it in the long run.

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