Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Biggest Boy

This one is so far our easy one.  The baby that observed everything.  The toddler that loved to please.  The preschooler that needed lots of sleep.  The elementary student that loved learning.

And now the Middle Schooler who beats to his own drum in a school that is below failing on paper.  His self-confidence is actually astounding. 

"I'm too hard to tease for any one to bother with me, Mom!  So stop worrying." 

In the last few years we've seen him grow from a child into a young man who looks out for his family, excels in school, builds underwater robots, leads others, and can even make somewhat beautiful music with his saxaphone.  He was also genuinely pleased with the study Bible he received for his 13th birthday from his Aunt and Uncle, eager to attend his youth group, and can't wait until next summer to go on a mission trip to Mexico.

Now he has chosen for his mini-term* topic "I Have the Power."   It is about showing that teens can make in impact on their community (hopefully in a positive way, he quipped).  They will spend 5 days doing different service projects in the area: cleaning the beach, helping at an assisted living facility, working with the humane society, etc.  Then the second week they will be creating their own plans for making a difference locally or globally and presenting it to their parents.  The other choices would have been great educational opportunities, too, but this one will take the most energy. We are pleased at his choice and that he will have this chance through his school.

I cannot wait to see what else this son of ours accomplishes as he continues to grow.  

* Mini-term is the last two weeks of school where they have no regular classes and instead spend the entire time on one subject.  Last year they had two mini-terms and he chose underwater robotics and built a Rube Goldberg contraption.  It is good that he is expanding his interests and skills. 

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