Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sunflower Run

On Saturday evening, we went to the park.
TimeStamp: 9:16:08 a.m.
I wanted to capture Sunflower in one of her new birthday presents. 

But then..."oh, Mommy, don't you remember when I fell at home today and hurt my knee? Don't you?"
TimeStamp: 9:18:25 a.m.
 "That's fine.  You can sit for the photos..."
TimeStamp: 9:18:34 a.m.

TimeStamp: 9:18:38 a.m.

TimeStamp: 9:18:45 a.m.
I guess standing will work.  Also, I have now adjusted the timezone on my camera back to PST from Beijing time.

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No Greater Love said...

That Sunflower is SO cute. And I'm positive she has the cutest clothes around.