Friday, August 31, 2012

Sacked Out

I am slowly working my way through my photos from our annual camping trip in early August.  It was a nice, but exhausting trip.
Sweet Pea took her 45 minute nap in her Daddy's arms all the way down the mountain in the shuttle and in the walk back to camp.  Of course she wouldn't have been so zonked if she hadn't woken up every hour or two the night before (and every night of the trip.)  We are almost back to her before trip sleeping schedule...if waking every 3-4 hours can be considered a schedule.  

For the last 6 years I told God I could probably handle any issue as long as we got some sleep.  He said, "you might be right, but I don't want you to handle it.  I want you to turn to and need Me.   So sleep issues it is." 

We are tired.  So very tired.  But aside from that, every thing is going so very, very well.  At less than 13 months she has taken her first steps, has 6 teeth, signed more and eat, said Mama and Dada, and so much more.  She has the best laugh and giggle and loves to play.  It is a joy and a huge privilege to be her Mama.
23 pounds of serious cuteness worth every wake-up and midnight cuddle. 


No Greater Love said...

Wow, is she cute. You're right....absolutely worth it. :o) I will pray you get some sleep, soon, though...'cause I'm selfish like that....and I miss you.

Nancy said...

my goodness she is growing! And keeps getting cuter!

Adrian Roberta said...

Oh Nora, She is so stinkin' adorable!!!