Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Moment in Our Day

I need to get back to blogging for my own peace and joy, but sitting down to write all the words swirling in my head is not something I have time for, or more accurately concentration for...yet.  But we are finding a routine, the girls are settling in (Sunflower had a difficult transition to the new norm), and I have been spending time on my other passion, photography.

You would think since it is such a normal part of our lives, she would have lost her curiosity about the camera by now.
Playing there, looking adorable, but the camera is out.  I'd better crawl towards Mama.

 Reaching for it.  Maybe this time she'll let me have it.


Okay, I'm calm.  If I ask nicely?

Fine.  I'll settle for the lens cap.  

Ummph.  Maybe someone else is doing something more interesting.  It looks like Daddy is packing.  I hope he is planning to take me with him this time.

We have had a busy summer.  Bike rides, trips to the park, spraygrounds, BBQ's, Birthday Parties, and just now we're back from our annual extended family camping trip.  I haven't had time to write about it, but rest assured I have it all documented with photos.


No Greater Love said...

Soooooo cute! :o) Can't wait to hear more from you! The pictue of the mountain was beautiful....

Andrea Dawn said...

Yay . . . more pictures of Sweet Pea. Such a cutie, she is.

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness...that first photo of your little cutie, is ADORABLE!!!