Saturday, August 18, 2012

Birthday Week

A few weeks ago we celebrated 3 birthdays in our family.  Saturday we went out for dinner for my 40th.  Sunday we had cake for my birthday (it took that long for it to finish frosting--I don't mind stretching the celebration.)
Sweet Pea was napping.  She didn't seem to mind missing out when she joined us later.
Tuesday, on Sweet Pea's 1st birthday we went to the park and escaped what was terrifyingly close to being a terrible accident with minor car damage.  Then Wednesday, on Sunflower's birthday, we opened our presents from Major Awesome.  They were shipped and wrapped by Amazon.
All the presents came in the same sized bag, including Sweet Pea's soft, sweet little lovey.
Sunflower may have gotten the most joy out of opening her present.
But she approaches everything with intensity.
But I am happy to have a new game (which I confess has been used 4-5 times already, but always without me, but not today...I want to get in on the fun, too) and Sunflower is excited to have some new play clothes.
And SnapDragon, too.  She put it all on immediately.
I admit, I find it hard to imagine her to have the patience and stillness to be a Vet as an adult, but stuffed animals seem to like her bedside manner just fine.

So thank you, Major Awesome, for our gifts and providing us something to do to make Sunflower's actual birthday special when we were too busy planning the "Big Girl's Party" for the upcoming Sunday to be prepared.

We also got a lot of enjoyment in the wrapping itself.
Next year we'll have 2, 5, and 41...whew...only the 5 year old will care.


Mitch said...

I'm glad everyone is enjoying the gifts! I can't believe how much Sunflower looked like a little vet!

As always, great story to go with the pictures!

No Greater Love said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You caught up with me. :) For a little while at least.... Love them in their birthday present bags....

Stephanie said...

Happy belated birthday!!